Pricing Wars


One of the most common questions I’m asked from my advanced students is “When can I start charging for my photography?  And how much should I charge?”

You may have already come across THIS ARTICLE as of late.  It has set off a firey storm of emotion among photographers and reached the top 100 posts for wordpress the day it was released. He’s received threats from many angry photogs who apparently disagree :)

My fabulous photography teacher from a few years ago wrote THIS REBUTTLE.  I thought he made some valid points and provided a good balance.

While I don’t have time today to write an entire post on pricing, I would love to hear your thoughts on this and would be happy to leave mine in the comments section today for those interested!  I always do love a good discussion on pricing :)

I will leave you with one thought… I had a fabulous experience  on Saturday shooting this lovely family in their home (the image above is from that session…more to come soon!).  I distinctly thought to myself as I was making all the technical adjustments necessary to battle the overcast light outside the window and low light of shooting indoors without flash, “I’m so glad that I understand all the elements that I’m working with to still be able to confidently capture great images.”  There is something to be said for knowing your stuff in relation to your pricing.  And no, I have NOT always known my stuff (and still have more to learn), and I have NOT always charged my current rates.

What’s your take?

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