The Truth about Worry


One of my favorite quotes of all time. Thank you Mark Twain for pointing out that most of the things we worry over never really happen.

If you too struggle with anxiety, let this be a friendly nudge to relax and let go of the discomfort of worry.

Several years ago when I was going through maximum stress, I heard Elder Richard G. Scott speak and distinguish the difference between ‘worry’ and ‘concern’. Worry, he said, covers things that we have no control over. Concern, covers the things we do have control over. I had never taken the time to discern between the two. He went on to invite us to write down all our worries and concerns and put them in separate baskets. Keep the concern basket and do what you can with them, he said, but give the worry basket to God. He is the only one that can work it out. How much of your own anxiety comes from worry? Those things in which you have no control? Your load doesn’t need to be as heavy as it feels from carrying the unnecessary worry. #reallifebalance #letitgo #worryisoutofyourcontrol #godisincontrol

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