The Spiral is in Our DNA

The spiral is in your DNA.  We were made for repentance. We were made to re-turn.  We can spiral up or down!

The imagery of the spiral is important to understanding our growth.  We’re human. We react. We mess up. We get off track.

We start a new habit that lasts two days and then forget or don’t do it. We desire to have great relationships but then we get offended. It’s part of life.

When Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden the Lord told them to “Learn by experience.”  Learning by experience most definitely sounds like a spiraling adventure, not a straight shot journey.

Because we learn by experience, one of the most important skills we can master is what to do in the turns.

How do we RE-TURN?

How do we course correct?

How else does our view change unless we have literally turned around and we move up instead of down?

We move towards the light instead of towards darkness.

In my most recent podcast, I ask you to expand your mind about repentance.  If repentance is the re-turn in getting back on course and turning toward God so we can spiral up, what does that actually look like?

Too often Repentance stays in the abstract, but true repentance means we have literally turned direction. We are re-turning to the course and heading up.

We spiral up not down!

Check out my podcast to find out what simple things you do every single day that are helping you to re-turn or repent.

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