Ep. 69 Contrast Helps You See

Have you ever wished for all your problems to go away? Have you ever wished for perfect health, or that you wouldn’t have to work so hard for things, or that money and resources were always available for you? Have you ever wished that all your relationships were peaceful? Wouldn’t that be the perfect life? Everyone has moments we tell ourselves that the absence of contrast is what will bring the ideal life. And yet…as we’ll learn today, contrast is the very element that makes life so meaningful to begin with. When we can use contrast to our benefit, we free ourselves from the burden of being stuck because contrast is the key to change.

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  1. I enjoy your podcast. I like to listen to your show at work but I miss important points when distractions come up. Is there a way to read your complete show notes?

    1. Hi Tina!

      Thanks so much for your support of my podcast! I’m working on prepping some complete transcripts of podcasts to release very soon! If you’re on my email list you’ll be notified when those are ready! Thanks so much!

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