The Gift of a Mantra

During a particular hard week, I was traveling with my family.  Travel always shakes up my morning rituals, because I’m sharing a hotel room with others and the only space to be alone is in the bathroom. This trip I spent a lot of time late at night or early in the morning sitting in an empty bathtub on a pile of dry towels trying to comfortably meditate in a less than ideal space.  I wanted to be able to show up strong for my family, but each day felt like such a challenge.  As I tried to visualize myself being kind, patient, loving, open, forgiving, and compassionate in the very real conflict I’m facing, the Lord gave me the gift of a mantra that I am clinging to with all my heart right now.

The mantra is one you will recognize:

“The Kingdom of God is Within You”.

Jesus teaches this truth in the New Testament.

But what does it even mean?

To me, right now, it means that underneath all my frustration, anger, and resistance, there is a place of peace. Even though I’m currently going through a spike right now of facing my false self, underneath those layers, the kingdom of God is within me.

My divine nature is still there.  It is always there. It is at the center.  Sometimes life covers it up, sometimes trials that trigger the worst in us cover it up.  But the kingdom of God is always there.  Meditation is a practice that will help remove those layers so I really can access the kingdom of God that is within. I can enter that space inside me and be at peace.

Right now, my morning meditation includes repeating this mantra as I visualize the scenes of my day and how I want to show up.

The kingdom of God is within you.

What does it look like to face my challenge from this place? Well, I let myself imagine it. I let myself practice it. I let myself experience it fully as a spiritual creation to help me in the physical creation when that moment comes during my day.

The kingdom of God is within you.

When this mantra first came into my mind I just bawled my eyes out.  Sitting there in a cold tub on a pile of towels I felt Gods power in reminding me that I do have it within me to be who I want to be right now.

As I went through that day I called upon this mantra over and over again each time I faced the moment between stimulus and response.

The Kingdom of God is Within You.  I invite you to try it for yourself!

2 Responses

  1. I wish I had read this prior to my Relief Society lesson on reaching our divine potential . You have points I’m sure I would have spoken to.

  2. I did this mantra meditation yesterday while driving in my car to a wedding. Which is a little more comfortable that a bathtub. haha. I knew I would be facing some situations where I may easily slip in to my false self and I didn’t want to. I was able to find and maintain my true self through the entire day! Visualizing the events of the day ahead of time in the peace-filled reality of “The Kingdom of God is within you” was really pivotal. I will use this meditation again and again. Thank you so much Brooke

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