The First Ammendment and FAQ.

I have an amendment to make!  There have been some changes in our family in the last 24 hours, and I need to change the dates of the Photo Journalism class.  It will now be taught on Wednesdays, June 16, 23, 30 from 7:30-9:00 p.m.

To answer a few questions that I’ve received:

1.  Do you have to have an SLR for this class?

Nope!  You don’t need an SLR (camera that changes lenses).  However, you might leave the class wanting one! Having an SLR and knowing how to use it (which we learn in the Basics Class) helps some of those life documenting shots be more artistic.  But…  all the concepts taught in the class are completely achievable on a point and shoot camera.

2.  How is this class different than your other classes?

First, how are the classes the same?

All of my classes incorporate assignments each week to apply the concepts we learn in class.  This is one of the most awesome parts of the class!  It means you’re not just learning a lot of nice information to use when you get around to it, but you have an assignment with a deadline that creates a wonderful learning opportunity to apply and put into practice what you’re learning!  Brilliant!  We then have students share their work and give helpful feedback on all the awesome things you did, along with  ideas of how to continually improve our work.

All classes are under ten students.  This provides an intimate setting that is open, friendly, and very comfortable to ask questions and receive immediate and personal feedback.

All classes teach principles.  I don’t own a camera store.  I’m not here to sell you anything.  I am not here to show you my portfolio and discuss my photography work.  I believe by teaching principles, I help provide students with tools that they can immediately implement into their own work for better results.

All classes now have a beautiful PDF manual of all images and concepts taught during the lectures.  This promotes optimal learning, allowing the student to be able to be in the moment of discovery without having to frantically remember and take notes of all things presented. These manuals serve as a valuable reference tool for years to come.

How are the classes different?

In the Basics Class we discuss the technical side of photography and discover how to shoot our SLR cameras in the manual setting (we turn the auto button OFF!  We learn how to set all the settings ourselves… its pretty awesome!)  We talk about composition, and natural light as well.  Taught Monthly.

The Advanced Pro class is taught from a professional perspective for those who are wanting to start or improve a photography business or find themselves frequently doing sessions for family and friends.  We study how to best prepare for shoots, how to work and interact with subjects, how to pose, how to be creative, how to find great locations, and we have a super fun model demonstration day to get hands on learning of all concepts. Now Taught Quarterly.

And our new Photo Journalism class?!  This class is designed around photographic principles that help you artistically document your own life.  We will cover tips on how to cover an event (think about your family vacations, your family reunions, your recreational activities, birthday parties, etc.) how to document an individual (capturing the details of who they are), how to take pictures of our kids in a natural setting without them looking at the camera and instead capturing them in their own world), we’ll discuss how to get rock’in awesome candid shots, how to see the small details we usually overlook, how to put these photos to better use than just sitting on your hard drive, and much more!  Pilot Debut.

There will be some extremely fun and meaningful creative assignments that will get you started along the path to have a keener photographic eye and creative mind for documenting the story of your life.

Come join us!

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  1. I’ve had the basics class, and I’d love to take the photo journalism class, but the distance is prohibitive. Is there any way to get the PDF manual without taking the class?

  2. Harmony! What a delight to hear from you! I hope you are doing well! Currently I won’t be offering the pdf sold separately, but I am in the midst of figuring out how to offer online classes 😉 We really need a cure to the distance problem! We’re looking for one!

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