NEW CLASS! Photo Journalism: How to creatively document your own life

I met my year mark of teaching this past March.  I must say that teaching photography has been one of the greatest experiences and likely one of the best things I could have done for my own photography (other than sheer consistent practice).  You learn so much by teaching a concept to someone else and having to answer questions about problem situations and finding the solutions.  It’s also placed me at a higher accountability to myself as well as several students who are now educated on compositional and technical rules who can quickly point out when I missed an important element!  I love that I have to be more careful!

This June I will be introducing a new class.  Since my advanced class (now renamed as of yesterday, “Advanced Pro“) is largely taught from a perspective mind of photography as a profession, I wanted to implement a class geared towards those who are not professionally minded, but wanting to improve their craft to take better pictures of their lives.  Of their families.  Of their activities and events.

I’m excited to announce the following class:

Photo Journalism: How to creatively document your own life

Do you want to learn how to take better pictures of your life? Your kids? Your recreation?  Your relationships?  Your daily activities and events?

Learn how to creatively document the most important thing of all…


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Ideal for any photo enthusiast, scrapbooker, photo historian, or anyone with a camera…pretty much everyone should take this class!

This course puts the creative challenge into telling the story of our own life and events.  Learn the tricks, tips, and perspectives that can tell your story more than the typical cheesy smile or forced group pose.

The most important aspect of our lives involves our relationships and those close to us.  Documenting this should be a paramount value to any photo enthusiast, but how often are we sometimes left with sub par images that don’t match the emotional and compelling nature of our memories of these experiences?

Brooke is known for her carefree lifestyle images, artistically capturing families and children  doing everyday activities.  Come discover her principles and guidelines for telling a story.  This is “photo journalism” for your book.  Your story.  Your life.

First session of this class begins June 8th and is now officially open for registration

For more information or to learn about all current classes, please CLICK HERE.

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  1. Awesome!!! I would love to take this class and will tell friends about it. This is exactly the category that I fit into. P.S. Love the picture of this family.

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