Speeding by too fast

I’m horribly behind blogging right now.

I sort of feel like my days look like this

Only I don’t have near as good of form!  I’m more likely watching the world pass, rather than passing through it with such perfectly focused intent.

I am learning that I can’t do anything that requires sitting when Buzzy is awake.  He’s about as fast as these fabulous whizzing bikers are!

Oh how small the world.  Did you know this great guy is the same as THIS GREAT GUY?

Ben invited me to come photograph his work place bike sponsored event yesterday.  I think any company that supports road biking should win a special prize.  Like free panning photographs of each of their riders?

Want to learn how to pan your images like the ones above for cool motion effects (all done in camera)?  Come take my Photo Basics class. Our September class still has a few seats left!

I’m off to chase the little legs that are escaping out the door at a lightening speed crawl!

Happy Thursday!

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She is a proud new mother to a humorous baby boy with hair that sticks straight up in the back. They enjoy walking and biking a lot… it helps stimulate creative brain power, challenge the extra pounds, and they discover the ultimate secret photo locations on their daily jaunts.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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  1. Our Melody is the same way… if she’s quiet and out of site, then she’s doing something she shouldn’t be. Love the panning shots, I’ll have to give that technique a try sometime soon…

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