Semi Annual Sale on All Courses


It only happens twice a year.

Once in November.
Once in April.

From now through April 26th all courses on my website are $150 off
(That’s 50% off regular price for most courses!).

If you’ve been waiting, now is the perfect time to invest in your photography education.


young woman taking photo outdoors

Shoot Like A Pro: So you have the professional camera; do you use it like a pro? This delightfully in-depth course teaches you how to confidently shoot in Manual Mode on your camera, so you can consistently get the look, brightness, and sharpness that pro’s achieve through their in camera settings.

Camera Requirements: DSLR (your camera is capable of changing lenses)
Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate



Natural Light: From Start to Finish. Learn to shoot at all times of day in all types of natural light and make it work in your favor. (Yes! Even mid-day sun and dappled light!). Follow Brooke in video as she demonstrates every type of light and the perfect solutions to meet the challenge.

Camera Requirements: DSLR (your camera is capable of changing lenses)
Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate



Lifestyle: Telling the Story.

Real life is beautiful.

How lucky we are to not have photography limited only to clean clothes, forced smiles, and perfected posing! Lifestyle photography makes a happy home for all the wonderful REAL parts of life.

Whether you’re photographing your own family or working with clients, you have a one of a kind perspective on the stories you can tell. You’ll learn all the tools to use that will enhance your own unique perspective.

Camera Requirements: DSLR (your camera is capable of changing lenses)
Skill Level: Beginner-Advanced


Advanced Pro

Advanced Pro: The Power of You.
Become the pro level shooter you’ve always dreamed of being.

Imagine being on a photo shoot while staying calm, collected, and confident the entire time. You’ve got a plan, you know how to create flattering posing, and best of all–you know how to interact in a way that invites real emotion out of every person. Did I mention how much fun everyone had during the experience? You’ll learn this and more in the course video lessons.

Camera Requirements: DSLR
Skill Level Intermediate-Advanced


Why Buy?

▪ All courses are taught through video.
Live demonstration provides deeper understanding than just reading a PDF.
▪ All courses come with Lifetime Membership.
Learn on your own time frame and schedule with access to all videos and content at all times.
▪ 100% Satisfaction 60 Day Guarantee.
I’m so confident that you will love this course experience that I’ve removed the risk of buying. If you’re not satisfied, write me a note explaining why you are disappointed and we’ll refund you the full amount you paid for the course.

Have questions??

Send me an email at and I’ll happily reply.

Happy Photographing!



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