Because I think every female out there who loves photography should apply…

Me Ra Koh is just amazing.  And the scholarship program that she has put together for three recipients is beyond fantastic.  It’s been fun to follow the 2010 recipients this past year and see how much they grew and learn from their experiences.

Here’s some quick info she had on her blog:

Go to the SOAR! WEBSITE for all the juicy details!  Discover the new prizes (check out the SONY DSLR this year!!)  Explore the forum! Apply to be one of the THREE Recipients, and you may find yourself SOARINGthis year!

Got questions? We’ve got you covered!  Post up all your questions on the forum, and Linda, Jennifer or Lindsay will be on hand to answer them for you!  Take advantage of their wisdom and experience ladies!  They are so excited to help our new recipients SOAR!

Deadline to apply is Monday, December 20th!

Be sure to meet ALL FOUR video requirements before uploading!  (hint: see #3 thru #7 on the FAQ)

*To hear from last year’s recipients, click any of their names; LindaJennifer and Lindsay!

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