Why pro’s still need to hire a pro!


I try throughout the year to get good pictures of our family, and even attempt a few with all three of us in the shot.

For a long time I was discouraged in thinking that if I was a “pro photographer” I should be able to take my own pro portrait pictures of my family.

I have since realized that it just isn’t the same.


Think about it.

How real is something going to be if I’m double tasking between triggering a remote or timer or instructing a willing volunteer about composition in every photo?  I’ve tried all of those. Some shots turn out better than others (and there’s obviously a time and place for this approach), but the experience is always stressful for me and never fun.

One of the tenants of photography that I operate under is the belief that authenticity is the most important part of a photo.

Our minds are simple creatures. We really can’t think about more than one thing at a time. I can either think about how to orchestrate an image and stage a smile, or I can forget about all of the technical operation and simply enjoy myself feeling real feelings of joy and let someone else think about the creative process.  Its impossible for me to do both at the same time and the images show the difference.







Our Pro Photographer for this shoot was the fabulous Sarah Allred, whom we were lucky enough to snag during her quick visit to Utah.  Working with a crazy 2 year old is no small undertaking and Sarah’s personality and fast pace made the whole experience a “peaceful whirlwind”!  I’m thrilled with the results.  Any of you fabulous readers who live in Arizona should give her a call!









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  1. I love these pictures! Sarah did a fantastic job – and the three of you look adorable, beautiful, and just plain awesome! Hooray for cute pictures of your family!

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