Everyone is Photogenic

Last night I crossed something off my bucket list that has been nothing but a well meaning intention for years…

I taught a self image workshop for young girls.

The opportunity came easily since I am a youth leader for the Young Women in my church and we have weekly activities together.  But this took a bit of long term preparation to make it happen.  I started photographing each of the 20+ girls back in August, and finished up with the final girl last week.   I created a slide show that mixed the photographs and video together with an amazing song I found by Nicole Sheahan that expresses perfectly the message I wanted to share with them.

Last night we met together for the teaching portion and final presentation of the images, where each girl went home with printed photographs of herself–that I hope will serve as a long lasting reminder of the light and life they have within them.

One highlight of the evening was discussing “What does PHOTOGENIC mean?”

Broken down into its root meanings:



Every person has light and life within them.  Which means that every person is photogenic.  Not always in front of a camera—but we can all recount moments of pure happiness we’ve experienced where that light and life shines through us.  Master photographers through the ages have been able to break the personal barriers people put up and invite the light and life that every person has to surface.  These are the moments when every person is truly beautiful. Because it is the light within us that is true beauty.

Life between the ages of 12-18 can be tough! It’s not usually laden with overflowing self confidence in the way we see ourself, a common challenge that many of us face even into our post teen years.  The thing that I love very most about these pictures, is that you can literally see LIGHT and LIFE.  This is a clear image of the spirits of each of these girls. To have such a photograph of oneself can make an impact in remembering who we really are amidst the distractions and lies that the world may send us.

That’s my greatest hope and intent with these pictures…

Remember who you are.

This is who you are.




















Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She wants to be a motivational speaker when she grows up, and hopes to someday love to cook.

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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