Parts of the whole

So, I have pretty much come to really love this family 🙂  We’ve done four shoots together in the past 7 months  as part of a fun little project.  I’m so glad that we saved this shoot for the very end.  I’ve gotten to spend time with them in their house making cookies, playing cards, games, jumping on the bed, going out for ice cream, and then finally a finale shoot to focus on each person and the relationships in the family.

I’m spreading this session out for a few days.

Today, I just want to showcase each member of the family individually.  Can’t you just feel their amazing spirits?

I told her to imagine it was raining and she was catching rain drops with her tongue 🙂  The imagery worked well… just need some rain!  I guess we’re catching sun rays!

Umm, Hayley?  You’re GORGEOUS!!!  Everyone now knows why your girls are so beautiful 🙂

8/8 LRO

More coming soon 🙂

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. Her talents and awards include winning the 4th, 5th, and 7th grade spelling bees. Unfortunately she’ll always remember the words she lost on: Buzzard (only used one Z) and Squirrel (only used one R). Completely defeated, she now relies on spell check, and husband check. Both are quite reliable and keep her looking more intelligent. After winning 1st place in an art contest in 2nd grade, she spent her $20 winnings to buy a Beethoven Bust at the mall. She was an odd child completely shielded from popular culture. One of her most embarrassing childhood moments was her cousins 9 year birthday party when she was the only guest who did not know who “New Kids on the Block” were. She’s still not up on pop culture, but she can play nearly any classical song by request. What’s more important anyway?

Brooke teaches private photography lessons as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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  1. Wow, just wow. I just want to kiss those cute kids of mine, I mean, they are just BEAUTIFUL! You really are amazing Brooke, and we LOVE you. Loads.

  2. You have completely taken my breath away! I’m pretty sure I love this family more than you. 🙂 Brooke. I am seriously awed (is that a word) at all of the sessions you have done with this wonderful family. Your talent. Your creativity. And your generosity. I bow to you. And yes. Hayley is completely gorgeous. I secretly hate her for it.

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