A Whopping Package Deal :) UPDATE: SOLD! THANKS!

Since I can’t seem to sell my vertical grip separately, I have decided to sell it with the camera 🙂

For sale today is my trusty back-up camera, the Nikon D200.  I have gone through three cameras in my photographic journey so far (this was #2), and each camera upgrade has played an essential role in my progress.

Now, I’m a firm believer that the gear doesn’t make the photographer.  I absolutely saw a difference in the quality of my images with each camera upgrade, but each upgrade also came at pivotal points in my learning.  My images improved with better gear–yes–but also better instruction.  WHICH IS WHY I’m including a free spot in either a local Basics class, or an upcoming online class with the purchase of this lovely piece. After all, its a professional level camera with no total auto button–so it assumes you know a thing or two 🙂

This D200 was used for 8 months only from April 2008-December 2008 where he was treated with utmost care and respect.  He worked hard, producing amazing images.  Then all too soon, sooner than we ever expected,  his owner was allured by more expensive greener grass and he was retired to the closet, sad, lonely, and jealous of the new sibling getting all the attention.  He’s looking for a home where he’ll receive the attention and love he needs and deserves.

Excellent Condition Package Includes:

D200 Body and neck strap

Vertical Grip (find out why this is cool 🙂 )

Battery & Charger


All in original boxes with the jazzy official papers

Local or Online seat in Photo Basics Class.

Retail $ of Camera: $1,399

Retail $ of Grip: $176.12

My Package Price:  $700 (plus shipping if needed)

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  1. Is the 200 better than the D90?? I want to talk to my husband about it but I am interested. I will talk to him today and let you know.

  2. What a steal! Someone, snatch it before it’s gone! Too bad I shoot Canon otherwise I’d be on that like a crazy woman.

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