Obstacles Make Me Stronger

Have you ever heard the mantra Obstacles Make Me Stronger? In our house we like to call it OMMS for short.  This is one of the affirmations that my kids say at night as part of their bedtime routine.
Recently, when driving in the car my five-year-old daughter spoke up and said,
“Mom…what does obstacles make me stronger mean?”
Until that moment, I didn’t realize I hadn’t really taught her the meaning of the affirmation. 
Moments like this are awesome.  Because trying to explain something to a five-year-old is pretty much the best practice ever in making sure I understand something myself.
We talked for a moment, and suddenly she had a moment of illumination and said,
“Oh!  So it means that I can learn!”
I was delighted to hear her conclusion. 
“Yes, it means you can learn!” 
We decided that when we don’t learn from our challenges we feel weak and stuck.  When we do learn from our challenges we feel stronger.
This is one of those life lessons she’s going to learn over and over again.  I know this because I’m learning it over and over again.
Sometimes it’s a lesson that we resist. 
Have you ever experienced an obstacle in your life that feels more like it is weakening you than making you stronger?
My most recent podcast is all about obstacles and how they can be a huge benefit in our lives!

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