It’s Monday, and should be a Magic Monday post!  I apologize for taking a week off, but I’m sort of supposed to have a baby this week!  I finally finished all my scheduled events, and have suddenly been hit with the largest dose of Nesting Syndrome ever!

I think I’m slightly wacko right now.  My To-Do list TODAY looked like this:

1.  Start and Finish all Christmas Shopping

2.  Start and Complete an entire Food Storage of 1 years supply

3.  Start and Finish a nursery for the baby

4.  Finish all last minute shopping for baby and new mom

5.  Finish all unfinished work business



Gotta love how all my tasks still need to be STARTED 🙂

In happy anticipation of the arrival of our baby (hopefully this week), here’s a few newborn twin images I completed last week for my delightful cousin Elise!

I basically have little to no experience shooting babies (and am slightly scared of them), but given our current circumstances, was happy to participate in preparation for our own families future adventure!

Elise is my hero of the week!  She looks fabulous, has the biggest grin and delightful countenance of any first time mother of TWINS that I’ve ever seen!  Spending time with her and Isaac and their new little ones gave me much hope and courage that maybe there is a slight chance I too might make it through the coming weeks!

All images were shot on Elise’s family Fruit and Tree Farm! A location very personal to them and sure to be a large part of the twins lives as well!

Here’s the new brother and sister duo!






This doll bed was our Great Grandmother’s doll bed!  Now showcasing the 4th generation in the family!



The new Happy Family of FOUR!


10 Responses

  1. Precious, precious! That doll bed is perfectly adorable. Oh, man, those kids are crazy cute. Awesome job, Brooke.

  2. ah don’t worry. You’ll be fine. And forget that food storage business right now!!! That’s just crazy! 🙂 LOVE the location of these pictures! Beautiful!!!!! And that doll bed- AWESOME!

  3. Such fun pic’s! Good luck this week. I hope your next post is announcing your new little one!!

    ps. LOVE your maternity pic’s. You are one gorgeous gal!

  4. Well, babies might make you nervous, but your pictures NEVER show it! I am totally in LOVE with each and every shot. I can’t wait until we get to see pictures of your new little one!

  5. Such precious babies and beautiful photography. I’d love to see all of the shots. Fun cousins for your little one.

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