My Farewell Sale

There are two important things to note for my Farewell Sale:

1. All courses are 60% off Now-Dec. 3rd.

2. It’s the last time you can buy them from me on my membership site, and the only time these courses will be offered at this price.


A Bitter Sweet Goodbye

This fall marked my fourth year teaching online. Going online changed my world. I transitioned from teaching photography in my house, to meeting inspiring people from six continents! What an incredible journey!

Each experience prepares us for what comes next, and that is a question that I’ve asked myself a lot the past two years. As I fell in love with teaching online, I found myself deeply wanting to teach more than just photography. Especially courses that focused on personal development. So, two years ago I completely rebranded my entire site with the intent of doing both.

LIVING and DOCUMENTING The Thriving Life was my attempt to keep doing photography classes while adding in the personal development courses I longed to teach and have it all here in one happy home.

Only that isn’t what happened…

The Photography side of things always took precedence. I had several scheduled events teaching my courses live online, and felt pressure to keep producing what had already proven successful for me: Photography!

Each time I’d make a bit of progress on my personal development course(s), I’d have to put things on hold to attend to my photography classes. It has taken me an entire two years to finish my first full length Thriving Life course. Two years!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t make the progress that I need to while still holding onto both. Two years is proof of that.

And thus it is, Now-December 3rd will mark my final sale of my courses on my site. These courses are gold mines. Full of hours of amazing content, live videos, and downloadable resources. 60% off puts them at an incredible steal. The Lifetime Membership site will always remain active for those who have purchased, but the links to purchase will be retired after December 3rd. As always, each course is backed with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. Yes, they’re that good 🙂

This has been a wonderful journey. I’m so grateful to the thousands of students that have taken my courses and prepared me to take this next step in the coming future. Letting go will allow me to fully pursue the path that has been calling me for quite some time.

What Happens Next?

I’m starting a new school!

I feel deeply blessed to be partnering with my dear friend, Sarah J. Bray in opening a new school in early 2015. It will be an online school with courses on creativity and life. It’s a dream project and a dream team. I have long admired Sarah and still pinch myself that we’re partners.

Already, working in collaboration has proven to be wildly more productive and exhilarating than working solo. I am thrilled for all the things we have prepared! More on the unfolding of this story to come later.

The Photographers Element

The Photographers Element launches in a few hours, and I couldn’t be more excited. TPE has brilliantly managed to create an online school that focuses on the individual photographer, in crafting an educational plan that fits YOU. Not the masses. If you enjoy photography, you must keep your eye on this invaluable resource.

The Photographers Element will be the new home for my past photo classes. They’re simply too good to retire forever. You’ll see them offered live a few times a year, and they’ll be led by a hand picked and personally trained teaching assistant (since I’ll be running my own new school, remember ? 😉 I also have one new course, Finding Your Voice, created exclusively for TPE that will launch in January and it is the perfect blend of photography and my love of self discovery. Registration opens on TPE on Black Friday.

Have Faith in Change

If there is anything that you can learn from me, I hope it is to trust the inner call for change. Our lives are a constant glorious evolution. We’re always being prepared and molded for something more. Change can be hard and scary. I have looked into the future so many times this past year, afraid to let go of a past that has been successful beyond what I could have ever hoped for. Why let go of something that has been so good and pursue another path that hasn’t even proven itself yet?


I have come to learn, that God has a far better plan for me than I could ever dream up on my own. I truly believe that while it is wise to plan for the future, it’s most important to pay attention to the present. How do you feel right now on your current path? What are you curious about? Have your interests and passions changed? Are you as happy right now as you could be? What would help things feel more complete?

When you’re open to asking those questions, and better yet, open to acting on the answers that come, doors open. But even though a door opens, it still takes faith to walk through. Sometimes you have to take a step into the dark before the next few steps are illuminated before you.

May your individual path be lit for you. Happy Holidays!



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  1. Brooke, you have inspired me and given me the courage for years to keep evolving and letting go of past plans that no longer fit what’s best for my life. I have loved watching you follow what’s right for you and am so excited to hear about this project with Sarah Bray! Sounds right up my alley. You two are some of my favorites!

    1. Ah 🙂 Thank you so much Kristin! Your vote of confidence means the world! Crazy evolution of life! You never know what to expect! I kind of like the surprise of it!

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