Magic Monday: Its all about Perspective

Ben and I honeymooned in Zion National Park. I am still in awe of those amazing red rock formations and cliffs and PROUDLY boast of our summit of Angels Landing–a feat requiring 2.5 miles of steep incline–the last 100 feet of which the hikers grasp support chains along the ridge.  You could say that it took a little bit of effort to get there!

View from Angels Landing. image courtesy of wikipedia


The close of the day found us on the park shuttle bus routing our way back to the car.  Among our newlywed company we had a zippy batch of Senior Citizens from the East Coast.  Their Jersey accents were boisterously telling of their awe of such fascinating landscapes and they couldn’t get enough of the view—

from inside the bus.

They clicked away on their point and shoots through the window while sitting in a moving vehicle with complete contentment.

I couldn’t help but marvel  at the different points of view of the park.  Admittedly, the view from the top was enough to literally paralyze me in amazement.  Words can’t describe the feelings you feel up there.

Though the park is still fascinating EVEN on a shuttle bus–it still doesn’t even compare.

If you want a truly amazing view and experience, you’re going to need to step off the bus.


The default mode of the majority of camera owners is to stand and shoot. Shoot it as you see it.

The problem, is that that is how everyone else sees it as well, thus making an image or experience common place or the same.

If we want to create images that provide more of the awestruck factor, one surefire method is to change your perspective.  Learn to see things different than default.

Don’t stand and shoot.  Its boring.

Crouch down, lay on your belly, lay on your back, climb a tree, hide in the bushes, hike a treacherous 2.5 mile trail with support chains…

Seek a new point of view.

Some fun perspective shots from the archives:

Standing on my trusty step stool



hiding in the bushes
balancing on slippery rocks from the lower shoreline
7 Months pregnant laying on my back in the middle of the road
7 months pregnant laying on my back in the middle of the road


Hiding in the wheat field
straddling an entire family while standing on the bed


The view outside the bus is worth the effort.



Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah.  Finding perspectives of interest is a fascinating hobby oft times resulting in possibly awkward or perceivably risky situations.  Brooke believes its worth it for the shot.  But she also believes that drinking buttermilk straight is a tasty treat.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons , online photography classes, as well as seasonal photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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  1. Love this. Seriously SO true. Sometimes I do see a good picture, but by moving slightly up or down or to the side, etc. it makes it a great picture instead! Now we photographers just need other photographers taking pictures of US as we get in these crazy poses! I would have loved to see you in some of the positions you described! 🙂 Thanks for the fun read!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful reminder…I love wearing comfy shoes to sessions and always make sure I’m wearing tops that won’t make me worry about showing anything if I’m bending over or bent in all sorts of strange positions. 🙂

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