Magic Monday: "For the Love of Photography" Results

I’ve been filled with so many mixed emotions this morning. Nervousness, excitement, sadness, fear, humility, stress, anxiety, and finally peace… just to name a few. I know you probably don’t want to read any of these preliminary paragraphs and have likely already jumped down to further in the post, but I do hope that you take the time to read my carefully chosen words.

We had over 7,000 votes cast!

I had no idea. No idea that this would turn into something this big.  And I really believe that it has absolutely nothing to do with me, but everything to do with the amazing people on this list. Every person on there is loved by LOTS of people! I hope you’ve taken the time to scan through many of the comments. Some are hilarious. Others touching. And many are declarations of  support and encouragement for people. Having a support team can make a huge difference in pursuing our dreams. When we know that we have people cheering for us and believing in our talents (no matter how in bloom they are) it can be the strength we need when we have none of our own. If anything, I hope this contest has helped some of you discover how much support you really do have. Draw on it. And use it to propel you further towards your goals.

Many of the contestants I know personally. Many I have never met. Many of you I want to meet especially after this experience.

We do have a winner, who I feel is very deserving of the opportunity.  She will do great things with the experience and I’m excited to see where the world of photography takes her. Congratulations to:

Leslie Carpenter!!!

Send me an email Leslie, and we’ll coordinate your mentoring weekend!

Amidst all the excitement,  I felt a sinking feeling of sadness this morning that I realistically couldn’t provide this experience for everyone. Especially those who have worked quite hard and gone to extraordinary efforts to win. Especially those who may not have support, or those that may not have the courage to ask for it.  Nothing is ever perfect. This contest wasn’t perfect. There will always be things that we could have done differently or better.   I deliberated over many things this morning and felt that I wanted to be able to offer something to at least the Top Ten individuals in the contest.  It may not feasibly work for all of them, but its the best option that I could come up with.

To the Top Ten contestants, I’d love to invite you to an informal Q&A held at my house on Friday, March 19th from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Top Ten:

Kylene South

Chelsea Greaves

Belinda Olsen

Heidi Brodock

Juanita Brinkerhoff

Lisa Ward

Sarah Allred

Helga Laing

Leslie Perry

Congratulations to everyone and thank you to everyone who participated.  If you were not a winner, but still feel like mentoring would be helpful to you, please feel free to check out my classes, my workshops , and private lesson mentoring opportunities that I offer.  I’d love to get together!  Good luck to everyone in your photography pursuits!

avatarBrooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She is a proud new mother to a perfect baby boy. During the day she uses her BM and MM in Music Composition to write silly songs to make small people smile and laugh. During the nights and select mornings Brooke teaches private photography lessons as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah. During the weekend she dreams up crazy and fun photo shoots for her fabulous subjects. Brooke welcomes comments, questions, new friendships, new clients, and new coats and hats for her growing collection.

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