For the Love of Photography

Huge thanks to the nearly 100 applicants for my “For the Love of Photography” mentoring giveaway! Each of the applicants should have received a personal email from me late last night (if not, check your spam!) Below is a super fabulous list of great people! There’s one vote per computer. Poll closes Sunday, February 28th at 11:59 p.m. The winner will be announced Monday morning, March 1st. Good luck to everyone!

500 Responses

  1. I am so grateful that Andrea is my first yoga teacher. She has extensive knowledge,most importantly, Andrea radiates love and acceptance. In her private home, she creates an atmosphere of ease, joy and peace that allows yoga to be fun, as well as an opportunity for self-awareness, self-expression and self-acceptance, Andrea put me at ease immediately with her warmth.A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?..[Photography] is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything…Andrea is the best for this job! “She has a good taste too” 🙂

  2. Danielle King is by far the most promising individual with loads of talent that just needs to be mentored. She is an at home mother who loves what she does. She loves to take pictures of all kinds and is very passionate about what she does. She would be someone who takes what she learns and grows with it. She deserves a chance to let her talent be seen, so that all can enjoy the artistic, creative, and all around imaginative style of her.

  3. amazing stuff brooke ~ I’m sure all are are worthy winners ~ gotta go with Lisa as I know someday she’ll share the skills with her scouts 😉

  4. Victoria is amazing, dedicated, a hard working mother who is gifted and excited about photography. She should totally win! Go Tory 🙂

  5. Lauren is a gifted and talented photographer. I am consistently amazed at her creativity and the subjects she captures in her photography, not to mention her great ability dealing with people.


    Holly Toomey

  6. I think Gayle has a wonderful talent for catching the essence of what she is photographing. She would really love this opportunity.

  7. Christine Poulson SMITH is simply one of the loveliest, friendliest, and amiable persons I have ever met in my life! She’s super smart and always positive. I have known her since she was a little girl.

  8. I hope that Victoria Hale is given the opportunity to be involved in this mentoring program. She is a wonderful person and a talented photographer.

  9. Jackie Norris has done pictures for several members of my family and they all have shown a very unique style and unusual elements. I highly recommend her.

  10. Sarah should get this because she is talented and it would be a great opportunity for her to get her work out there. 🙂

  11. I have always been impressed with her portrait photography. Being a landscape photographer I am impressed with how Natialie’s pictures never seem manicured or set up. She shows me candid portraits, something I have always had a hard time doing. I gladly vote for Natalie Lundburg.

  12. Julie is absolutely amazing. She is always diving into anything that can help further her knowledge, skill, and talents. Whether that be as a mother, for her personal self, or her amazing photography. What an amazing opportunity this would be for her.

  13. Julie talent in photography is never ending– I hope she wins so she can continue learning new tricks in her quest to continue developing her amazing skills!

  14. Christine Smith is such an amazing and caring person. I know that she would truly love this opportunity. She is so full of life and would prove that to you in her photographs.

  15. Victoria is not only an awesome photographer, she is an incredible person who could bring a lot to the table with an opportunity like this. Good luck!

  16. Lisa , the poster woman for humble, appreciative and deserving. Not to mention she’s very dedicated, passionate and talented. I don’t know the rest but I know Lisa is top notch.

  17. Belinda is an amazing photographer and I have always been pleased with her work she has done for me and that I have seen of others. She works hard and this mentoring would be such a huge opportunity for her to further her talent.

  18. Yippee! This is going to be fun! I’ve sent the word out to many friends and family! Keeping my fingers crossed as I’d LOVE to learn from you! Thanks again for the opportunity to all of us. 🙂

  19. Leah should win because he has AMAZING natural talent that would become truly fantastic if enhanced by this opportunity!

  20. I’ve had Victoria do family pictures for us, and for my friends. She is amazing. She has a great love for photography.

  21. i am so sad i didn’t log on this week! i sure missed out! i hope you will offer something like this again. you are so generous to do this. looks like you have quite the followers…no suprise though! you are AMAZING!

  22. Lauren has a lot of talent, but would be a wonderful student to continue learning. She is very interested in learning and would be dedicated to improving any talent!

  23. Jill is amazing and absolutely deserves this opportunity! My little boy was her first and she has simply grown since then! Go Jill!

  24. Katie Cylde has SO much potential as a photographer. She has a GREAT eye and I love her style! She’s awesome.

  25. Gina absolutely loves photography and could really use this opportunity to be able to fulfill a dream of doing photography.

  26. Leah Lacey is one of the most amazing people I have met! I know how much this means to her. I can’t think of anyone more deserving!

  27. Heather is excited about photography! Excited about the extra income to fund the adoption of their new baby sister for Colin. Adoption is expensive, something Heather and hubby learned after adopting their sweet little boy from Russia last year. She is a very deserving, hard working highly motivated inspiring individual.

  28. Christine is blonde and beautiful, and those who are beautiful are able to see and capture other beautiful things on film. Also, she is magical.

  29. Leslie would be a great candidate for this opportunity, she is very diligent and professional, so yea pick Leslie!

  30. Pick Miss Katie Clyde! She has such a passion, not to mention such natural talent for all things photography! Plus you will have THE BEST TIME with this girl!
    She is awesome!
    Katie, Katie, Katie (I am chanting here 🙂

  31. Good luck Julie Kirby… hope she wins the mentoring opportunity. She is already so talented and has such a natural eye for taking beautiful photos. I know she would really love the opportunity.


  32. Lauren Davison takes the most beautiful pictures! She took my bridals, engagement, and wedding photos! They turned out better than I could have imagined!!!

  33. I believe that Rhonda has patiently waited for someone to take her aside and teach her what she deserves to know. You could be that teacher that she needs and wants. Please choose Rhonda. Let the spirit guide…

  34. Rhonda is a blossoming photographer. She could totally use this experience to help her hone her art. We love having her photograph our family and look forward to any new ideas she has.

  35. Marcie is a born photographer, she does a fantastic job and to see her get even more experience from someone pro would be a dream to her!

  36. She did my wedding…I love every picture she took. She is wonderful too work with. So much in fact that my wife and her had her do pictures of our new baby girl.

  37. I didn’t get the email either. I just checked your blog today and found out about the contest change. I was really excited about the possibility of winning such an amazing prize but now I am seriously bummed that it has become a popularity contest.

  38. Julie Kirby wants you to mentor her. Though I am pretty sure Julie is good enough to mentor people herself. But she wants this, and because she is awesome, I will vote for her.

  39. We love Julie’s work. The pictures of our children and family are the absolute best we’ve ever had- we love them!

  40. Gina is very creative with her photos!! She does a FANTASTIC job taking photos and puts all her love into the photo sessions.

  41. Leslie is a great photographer already, I am sure this would be a great opportunity for her to learn and grow as a photographer

  42. Katie has such a love of photography and I know would absolutely take advantage of this opportunity if she is given this. She has taken multiple pictures of our family and my kids and she is great. Pick her!

  43. VOTE CHRISTINE SMITH—Christine has amazing talent and captures moments that most people only have in their memories. Not only would this experience help her develop this talent, knowing Christine she would soak up this opportunity like a sponge and appreciate working, and learning with who she deems to be the best photographer. VOTE CHRISTINE SMITH!!!!!

  44. Suzanne Heib is wonderful and deserves this opportunity. Brooke will have a ball working with you WHEN Suzanne wins this. She’s a super fun gal!

  45. Please pick Rhonda, she is such a creative person and I know how much she would love to learn more about the art of photography.

  46. I would so love for Rhonda to win … she’s a wonderful person, a creative person, and she has such a love for photography. Go Rhonda!!

  47. Julie Kirby totally deserves this. Julie is constantly giving of her time whether it be through free photo shoots or spending countless hours photoshopping to create masterpieces.

  48. Jill is an amazing photographer. I think she deserves the chance to get this. She is so dedicated and has an amazing eye for finding perfect moments.

  49. Ever since Suzanne moved into our community, everyone has loved her! we are all pulling for her to get this wonderful opportunity. Good Luck Suzanne!!!

  50. Julie does a fabulous job. She takes great care in what she does and spends the extra needed time to make her photos wonderful. Her great personality and her fresh approach to photography are a real asset to the industry.

  51. Juanita is gorgeous and definately deserves this! Plus she can come and visit me in Logan!!!!! So please give this to her!

  52. She has a great attitude and always happy,and a great love for photography.She would be amazing to work with,because she is so fun and good with people.Pick her!

  53. Hello…TWIMC:
    Sam, as I know her. Samantha, to you, not only is my Nephews wife, but an amazing woman, wife, and mother. I know whatever her pursuit is it must involve learning, educating, and expanding her Joy of her life and that of her families.

    She is as I am sure as deserving as many here are. Unfortunately I only know of Sam’s Loves… and Desires…and her want to bring joy to all especially those she knows. I am honored to have her as a friend. And she will always get my vote no mater her pursuit.

    Thank You,
    James R. Johnson

  54. Gina Anderson is a talented and extremely creative photographer. She is dedicated to improving her craft and is open to new ideas and methods. The trait that sets her apart from a very deserving field of photographers who desire this wonderful program is that while Mrs. Anderson is always striving to learn more and broaden her horizons, she also gives of her time and expertise to help others who are less knowledgeable to learn more and broaden their horizons.

  55. Juanita’s photos are beautiful and speak to us. We think she is very talented and very deserving of this opportunity. All the best from Australia.

  56. I’ve known Lisa since high school and think she’d be a great addition to your mentoring program. She’s a great person and a true artist.

  57. Victoria Hale should be chosen for this mentoring opportunity! She is the obvious choice, HANDS DOWN! She has great talent, great passion, and is a GREAT person!

  58. We’ve had Rhonda take family pitures for us twice and have been pleased with the results. She has fresh ideas and is great with all subjects, from dogs to 5 month olds to a man who refuses to smile. She is great at capturing spur of the moments shots. These are often some of our favorites. We hope she is chosen for this awesome opportunity. Robinson Family

  59. I just voted for Lisa Ward for the photography contest. I hope I did it right. She’s the best! Shirley Hallstrom/grandma

  60. Juanita has one of the most beautiful hearts of anyone I’ve ever met! I’m proud of her for taking this on as a mother and a teacher as an extracurricular!!!

  61. Diane – Samantha Jones exposes her gentle heart and and love for just being alive in her photos. I sure hope she wins!

  62. Fantastic composition, lighting, context & images. I love the sense in each photograph. You are a true Artist Juanita!

  63. Haylie Belnap has a passion for photography & a great desire to learn the art/business of photography!!! She is hard working and very driven to succeed; please help her realize her dream by accepting her as your apprentice.

  64. Haylie Belnap has a passion for photography & is very eager to learn the art/business of photography! She is very hard working and driven to succeed. Please help her realize her dream by accepting her as your apprentice.

  65. There is no other Photographic art form quite like the Human Family. We are forever changing. We will never be today quite like we were yesterday,nor will we ever be that again. To capture someone by Photography at that one moment in time (Good, Bad, Happy, sad, etc.) is allow some one to hold that memory forever. Your Pictures express one’s inner felling. I’m quite sure your subjects will always remember this time and all that was said and done on that day.

  66. I’m sure that all these wonderful people deserve tihs opportunity–heck, I wish I were able to take advantage of it. But I know that Marcie Jessee would phenomenal! Then maybe she can mentor ME!!

  67. I definately cast my vote for Victoria Hale! She is outstanding in all aspects of her life: daughter, sister, wife, mother and photographer. Good luck!

  68. My vote goes to Victoria Hale; she is outstanding in every aspect of her life! Good Luck, I hope you are the winner!

  69. Andre Cain did my senior photos and they were amazing. He is awesome to work with and its fun. He is a great christian guy trying to further the kingdom of God with the talents God gave him. He is the best vote!

  70. my sister deserves this more than anybody!! she’s been through so much in the past few years that she needs any break she can get!

  71. Hi- Im just leaving a comment- to leave a comment 🙂 I love your work and think you rock. Id love to mentor with you, but instead go out and get hot chocolate and maybe go shopping. (Then we can just tell everyone you mentored me:)) Hope you had a great weekend.

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