Emotions are not Trendy

Catchy title?  I liked it.  The phrase came from THIS INTERVIEW with Eric Laurits. I typically don’t listen to these interviews, though I’m sure they’re are all just as awesome as this one.

Something about the fact that Eric is a photographer with a degree in music seemed to obviously capture my attention.  Among some completely enlightening thoughts:   How the musician in him influences the photographer side of him to “listen” rather than “look” while anticipating the perfect photojournalistic moment…, but I was particularly enthralled by two elements of this interview.

#1.  The benefit of NOT following photo blogs in the industry.

#2.  His extrapolation of the thought that “emotions are not trendy”.

I actually share many of the same sentiments that Eric expresses in his disdain for the photo industry world.  Though I’m not going to expound upon that subject, I will most certainly share something that I have established as my personal focus for 2011:



We can get caught in a creative trap very easily.

I loved how Eric admitted that when he first started out as a wedding photographer that he didn’t know blogs existed, and he didn’t know how he was “supposed” to shoot

—according to trend—

..he didn’t know he was supposed to get the “shoe shot”, the shot of the dress hung in the window, the shot of the groomsmen jumping in the air…  instead he just went off his own intuition.

Intuition?  Have we forgotten it?

Do we shoot what we personally truly see and imagine?  Or do we have preconceived visuals in our heads that are a result of watching what every one else is doing and simply looking to the photography industry itself for ideas and creativity?

The incredible sadness to me is that each of us is so fantastically unique with a perspective that is unlike anyone else in the world–I TRULY BELIEVE THIS–And yet we cover it up by allowing ourselves to follow what we see and limit ourselves into thinking there’s one defined path or formula for creativity.  Perhaps we don’t even allow ourselves to explore our own creativity because we have been led to think there is a predefined way to do it.  And worse yet, we may even find ourselves trying to fit our subjects into what we see elsewhere when it may very well not contribute to their personality and evoke authentic emotion into the scene at all.

Yes.  I’m bothered by all of this.  I’m bothered by it in my own work.  And I’m determined to change it.  I’m determined to lessen the degree of “staging” in my photography.  I’m determined to seek out more of reality.  To leave trend alone and focus more of my attention on capturing emotions.

Because emotions aren’t trendy.

And emotions…are what turn “pretty pictures” into “captivating images”.

I want to find inspiration in everyday life and living.

And I want to share the journey with you.  Because I hope for others to take the reigns and do the same.

As part of my passionate creative quest, I’m embarking on a series of creative shoots that are inspired by everyday life and my subjects.  I’ll be filming portions of these shoots and sharing clips here on the blog, along with the results.  The first clip and session feature, coming soon :)

In addition, I’d love to feature creative work of other photographers who are “Inspired by Life”  (not trend).  More info for photographer features coming soon.

Thoughts?  Or did I just lose a bunch of followers in my true confession?

Inspired by Life.

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. Her current sources of inspiration draw from everything from Children’s book illustrations… check out Curious George… seriously…and the beauty of everyday life and things.  She is on a quest for “real pictures” and “real inspiration” from “real life”.  Real-ly :)

Brooke teaches private photography lessons , online photography classes, as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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