Inspired by LIFE.

Wahoo!  My first “Inspired by LIFE.” video shoot!  Further introduction to this concept can be found in my Magic Monday: Emotions are not trendy post earlier this week.

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She actually feels very much out of her comfort zone today.  Brooke never grew up with a family camcorder, and despite a lifetime of performing on stage, has rarely been filmed.  She would love your comments to help her feel less insecure and silly.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons , online photography classes, as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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  1. Brooke. I LOVE THIS. I’ve been struggling for so long because I see these uber popular and trendy blogs that seem to … and the kids all look like models with their hair professionally styled and they’re wearing expensive boutique clothing. And I’ve thought to myself … well yeah, it’s easy to make that look good … but those images all start to look THE SAME. You follow their blog and they are so talented, but there really isn’t a huge difference in the pictures. It’s the same clothes, the same props, the same gorgeous field. And I know that those pictures aren’t me or my style (though it is very trendy 🙂 The pictures that I LOVE the most … the ones that are enlarged all over my walls (sharing that tomorrow on the blog!) are the pictures that I’ve captured of my kids, just being kids. They are the trips to the playground, the nights of baseball at sunset, the hike in the fall … the real moments with that amazing candid emotion to them. And even though I have more “formal” portraits on our walls — that I do love — it’s the everyday life ones that make my heart sing. The problem for me all along has been how to really create that for other people. It’s easy for me … I’m with my family all.the.time 🙂 But how to get that REAL experience out of others still seems daunting to me… especially with adults. Because while I love children photography I am very passionate about FAMILY photography. About capturing the love there … but how do you get an adult to forget that you’re there? We adults like to feel self conscious in front of the camera 🙂 Anyway that is a SUPER long comment to say that what you are saying completely rings true to me. And even though it seems pretty crazy to try to change my style just when I’m starting to get customers … really, to be true to what makes me happy it would be worth it 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brooke, so much fun!! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into what is inspiring you these days! I can’t wait to see what you do next. That pictures of the cereal falling into that girl’s mouth is priceless!

  3. Brooke! I would take up your whole blog comment field if I typed out LOVE as many times as this deserves it! =) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t even know what else to say, because it’s that good. Seriously. I can’t WAIT for more in this series.

    Definitely feeling VERY inspired right now!

  4. I LOVE what you are doing with this! It is inspiring. Real life. Real situations. Real relationships. Those little Huff cousins are pretty darn cute. Fantastic work.

  5. I am so excited to watch this series!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You can’t even tell you are not comfortable in front of the camera– you are a natural. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with all of us.

  6. Exactly why I have the “Life” in my blog name! I so want to incorporate bits of life and emotion. That’s what I’ve always loved about taking photos for scrapbooking.

    Loving your videos and the photos! Good stuff!

  7. I realized that you had subliminally inspired me because I have been remembering to take more action shots of my kids.

    I love these videos and I love Sarah’s kids! Very cute.

  8. I realized that you had subliminally inspired me because I have been remembering to take more action shots of my kids.

    I love these videos and I love Sarah’s kids! Very cute.

  9. Love these Brooke! So much fun to see you in action, and what cute shots you got! Can’t believe we were so intimidated by your suggestion to avoid the trend! 😛

  10. Honestly…it made me emotional. These are the moments that we will all remember, or forget, with our families. I love it and I am definitely going to incorporate “Inspired by Life” into my life and my photography! Keep it coming!

  11. Brooke! This is so neat! It’s candid and refreshing! I’m excited for the new IBL shoots and look forward to what you’ll do next!

  12. No matter how long I know you or how often I read your blog, I never cease to be amazed at how clever you are….cereal?!?!?! AWESOME!!!
    My favorite picture that I have of my kids is still the ones that YOU took of them in the pool almost 2 years ago…the one where my son is freezing and my daughter is bawling…REAL LIFE SHOTS….
    You’re amazing, and I’m extremely jealous of your talent 🙂

  13. I LOVE this Brooke! So fun! You are inspiring and know how to put the fun back into photography. I seem to get caught up in the posing, location and trying to re-create other images I’ve seen and liked. It all just stresses me out sometimes and I forget how much I enjoy photography. Remembering to capture “life” will help me find more joy and less stress!

  14. Brooke! You are AWESOME! I have been following you for quite a while and this post just tops it all off as to why I love you for what you do and are sharing with the world. Thank You!

  15. I have been following a photographer in CA for a while now & this is totally the direction she has gone. You & her…the only two blog photography sites I’ve seen running in this direction. The photos tell stories. Tara Whitney is the other photographer. Real Life…good stuff.

  16. Brooke, this was so inspiring to watch! The first dozen sessions I did when I started this journey a couple of years ago were similiar….we gathered things like picnic supplies, cupcake making in the kitchen….and they were some of the best sessions ever! Thanks for this reminder not to get caught up in posing! I also want to strive towards everyday life scenarios instead of the staged ones! As a mom of grown children, I would have cherished those sorts of images!!

  17. Wow! This is so fantastic! In this case Actions Speak Louder Than Words- there is nothing like seeing a bit of you in action, and I love that you included the end result photo in the video.

  18. Excellent video – incredible pictures – and you are just darn lovely, you know? P.S. whoEVER took that video of you was really skilled… 🙂

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