Learning How to Walk on Water

One of my favorite miracles is found in the moment Jesus saves Peter from sinking.

How fast do you think someone sinks in water?

When I walk from the sea shore into the water I immediately sink through the water.

I don’t think Peter sinking in water is a slow motion moment.

I imagine Peter sinking in water is similar to what we all experience when we step into water.  We instantly sink through. Which means that for the Lord to save Peter, Jesus would have already anticipated Peter’s distraction before it happened.

He already knew…
He was ready.
He was prepared to immediately reach out and save him.

Jesus already knew I would get caught up in the wind and waves of our current events and start to sink in despair and is there to save me too.

I find great comfort in knowing that God already knows these moments.  He already anticipates the moments I will sink and is already there to save me if I will let him.

Prosperity is to move forward with hope.

My own experience of prosperity is much like Peters.  I take a few steps forward full of hope, and then I get distracted and start to sink, and the Lord saves me. Then I take a few steps forward again, and start to sink and the Lord saves me.

Think for a moment…If the process we went through as toddlers learning to walk on solid ground takes practice, I would think that learning to walk on water would likely require practice too. We’re going to have moments we move forward with hope and moments we sink.

To be prosperous and move forward with hope is like figuratively learning to walk on water.

It requires a steady focus on Jesus Christ. We have to learn to tune out the storm and find peace and prosperity in Him.

It takes practice to focus on him and to quickly allow Him to save us the moment we start to sink and then we try again. And again. And again.

We’re learning how to walk on water. To be prosperous and move forward with hope.

The scriptures tell us the last days will be difficult.
The scriptures tell us we will be on a stormy sea.
But the scriptures also tell us to how to prosper and move forward with hope.

Truth be told, my great fear and hopelessness came as a result of trusting in the power of man more than the power of God.  Winds and waves can indeed capsize a boat.  But God has power over the winds and the waves. God has power over the boat. God has power to save, and His saving hand is so immediate because he already knows the moments we will sink.

Practice prosperity.

Be prosperous.

If you find yourself sinking right now, allow the Lord to save you and try again.  Keep your eyes on Him and you will move forward with hope.  But remember, learning to walk on water, learning to be prosperous and move forward with hope, is a learned skill.  And if you learned how to walk on solid ground you can absolutely learn how to walk on water too!

This imagery of walking on water towards Jesus Christ has become a treasured visual for me.  I’m currently using this is my morning meditation practice to help me spiritually create the experience I want to have each day of being prosperous.  To move forward with hope despite the storm, regardless of the winds and waves crashing around me.  Can I practice staying focused on him and moving forward with hope?

Sometimes in my meditation I start to sink just like Peter.  I think my subconscious mind knows my human frailties and creates these realistic moments to help me practice reaching out to Christ to save me and to stand back up on the water and try again.  Always, it’s about trying again and moving forward with hope. Again and again and again.  This process increases my faith, it increases my hope and prosperity.  When I encounter moments in my day that I could be distracted by the wind and waves of the storm, I remember where to look and can regain my prosperity.

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