Ep. 79 Turning Things Around

We have all experienced what it feels like to spiral down, to make a mistake, to get derailed, or make a choice we deeply regret.  We know what it’s like to meet challenge, to struggle, to fail, or bear a great burden. Today we’re talking about one of your greatest gifts.  Your creative power, to turn things around.  You have the power to turn around a trial, turn around a relationship, turn around a bad day, or goodness, even a bad year! Progress, light, hope, and joy, is all found in our creative power, to turn things around.


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3 Responses

  1. Brooke. I listen to your podcast regularly. The principles you’ve helped me understand better have been life-changing to me, literally. And today’s podcast, on turning around, like the “U”, was so timely! Thank you! My husband and I discussed the principle at length. We had an additional thought we thought you’d appreciate considering how fertile your mind is: What if we are not meant to go from good (the top of the U) to bad (the dip in the U) and back up to good (the top of the U on the other side). What if, on the other side, we are meant to go further up, to “great”! More like a “J”, right? For example, if my relationship with my husband was “good”, and then we had an experience that caused our relationship to dip some – maybe an argument or maybe a job loss or maybe a wayward child, whatever it is that would cause some strain on our relationship – getting back up to “good” would feel comfortable, right? But what if we could learn from the experience and grow even closer in a way that our relationship, on the other side, was, instead, “great”. Like a “J”.
    Just a thought this morning.
    Thank you for being so open with your thoughts and your growth. You are heaven-sent.

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