Last Minute Assisting **FOUND** Thanks!

This is sort of a random request.  I “may” have need of an *assistant for a shoot tomorrow.  Its not your typical shoot, and not your typical assisting.  And the assistant will have to sign a model release.

I’m filming tomorrow for my online classes.  This means I’m shooting, and have a fabulous videographer filming me shooting and instructing.  So…  if there comes a point during the process that I do need an assistant for lighting–chances are quite high that they will be filmed too and appear in the video (thus the model release for the assistant–which is wild and I’ve never had to do before, but hey… you can’t be mad that I didn’t warn you to look your best.)

And then of course there’s a chance that the assistant won’t be needed at all, and you end up standing around observing the whole time, which could be quite boring if you don’t care about photography but quite exciting if you do.


Time: 4:45=6:45 p.m.

Location: Smithfield, Utah.

Interested?  Email

*As always, priority status is always given to current or past students, but anyone is welcome to inquire.

That’s all.  Happy Thursday.

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