Advanced Pro Course Scholarship

It will likely come across as cliche, so I hesitate to even spend an opening paragraph talking about these feelings, but I hope my sincerity is truly felt.  We had some wonderful scholarship entries, all from amazing individuals.  Some of which I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, meeting in person, or having in class, and others whom I was delighted to discover.  Each entry I would read I’d say to myself, “Oh, she’d be perfect for this course!  I want her to come!”  In completely different and unique ways, each entrant deserves a scholarship opportunity.  It took courage to enter, craft a post and share personal feelings about photography and learning.  Thank you for entering.

There’s a reason that I don’t do giveaway’s very often.  I get invested in each person, and end up looking for ways that I can help more people than I anticipated–while still trying to keep in mind a balanced life and principles of running a business.

Though I’m still only offering one seat on scholarship, I came up with what I hope will be an additional great opportunity for the fabulous remaining entrants:

All Scholarship applicants who *attend the November 6th Advanced Pro Workshop, will receive a complimentary 30 minute private phone mentor session redeemable any time from now through October 2011.

We can discuss personal goals, photography/or business questions specific to your needs, critique images, or any number of other things you would like help with.

Now, for the full tuition seat on scholarship.

I actually don’t know who it is as I type this.  I’ve mulled over it all morning, and finally determined a random drawing.  All names are on paper, and I’m going to draw a winner… right now!


And the winner is:

Stephanie B!

Congratulations Stephanie!  We’ll see you in November!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

*30 Minute phone mentor session is for any scholarship applicant who registers for the course.  This offer is only valid for the November 6th course until all spots are filled.  I’d probably act sooner than later on this one :)

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