I Shot My Own Family Pictures. Huzzah!


Last night after dinner, I glanced out the window at the empty lot across the street with gorgeous light peeking through the trees at the last hour of daylight.   I spontaneously announced that in the next five minutes we were having our family pictures taken and I grabbed my tri-pod and trekked across the street.  With the helpful multiple shot timer feature we got the following images.

I LOVE THEM.  So so much.





Ten minutes later we were done.

After I finished editing the images last night, I turned to Ben and said,

“Shooting professionally for all those years was so worth all the experiences, just for this moment. To be able to take our own family pictures any time I want and have them look exactly like I envisioned.”


I no longer shoot professionally for hire, but I am a Professional Photographer for my own family.   I hold the same standard of excellence to both professions, but secretly believe that one is still more important than the other ;)






Even if your intent is not to shoot professionally as a business model, learning all you can about photography can still serve you immensely.  Everything I learned about posing, lighting, interaction, emotion, storytelling, composition, technic, and beyond, I USE EVERY TIME I PHOTOGRAPH MY OWN LIFE AND FAMILY.





All the practice, trial and error, tears, triumphs, money invested, equipment, education, and TIME are worth it when it can go back into serving those who are most important.

Or, you can save yourself thousands of hours and dollars in equipment and education and just hire a pro once a year too! ha ha. That would have been a much easier and cheaper route, now that I think of it, but I know the adventure was worth it.

biopic2 Brooke Snow is the Professional Photographer for her own family and an Abundant Life Practitioner. She loves chocolate covered almonds, carefree laughter, and going to the farmers market. She lives with her husband and adventurous son in Northern Utah.



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