I Have a Gift For You

A friend of mine recently declared on Facebook, “Please tell me that I’ll recover from the life upheaval of everyone going back to school!”

This time of year is always a transition. Schedules change, new commitments are made, and despite the perks of a structured life, you can start to feel like you’re only running from one thing to the next.

But even if you’re not phased by the start of school, you might feel similar to another friend of mine who innocently told me last week, “I just have to make it through October. Then everything will settle down.”

But I know her! Things won’t settle after October. There is always a next big thing around the corner. I’ve caught myself in this trap too many times myself. It’s called ‘surviving’.

A few years ago I created an online course called The Thriving Life: A New Path to Life Balance. It helped thousands of people to prune out the things in their life that didn’t need to be there while also finding ways to nourish themselves so they could give from a better place. I’ve taken this course several times in the past few years. Every time that I feel like I’m going crazy I dive back into these principles, and it saves me every time.

Last week I released a new version of that same course! And it’s still FREE 🙂

You can find it at my new online school, Every Branch.


The course is now 100% audio—with the ability to download all the mp3s so you can listen on the go. Not only will you find lectures and worksheets for each week, but my absolute favorite part is the recorded discussions that me and my friend Sarah Bray have together for each corresponding lesson. There’s something magical about hearing real conversation, vulnerable stories, and encouragement from people who are going through the same experience.

If you feel you’re too busy for this course right now, then I give you an extra eager invitation to check it out. The course is designed to take you from where you are today, to a more manageable place. Not just surviving, but thriving. You will be guided through a process of how to clear away the things that are not working or supportive, how to make self care a daily practice so you can happily serve, create a new vision for the different branches in your life, and how you don’t have to do this “life” thing all on your own 🙂 It’s my favorite course that I have ever created, because I turn to it again and again. The principles are timeless and transformative.

Enjoy my gift to you!

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