I get it now

Some things you never understand until you have children.

Some of those “things” bring with it a moment of understanding and humility… sort of like when we left town last week 3 hours after we had planned and I finally forgave my parents for years of late departures with a new found perspective on how the time to accomplish simple tasks is multiplied with a child.

Ashamedly, I have also fallen into the pre-mother camp of not “getting” why those with kids can’t seem to get anything done.  Really? Really?

And now I completely understand.

Too well.

See these feet?  They’re not supposed to be running around a crib.

See this crazed playful face with wide open eyes that are supposed to be gently napping away?

This is what non existant nap time looks like around here this past week.

And I’m now a mom who gets nothing done.

And now I understand.

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  1. I am sooo in the same boat with you. I got so much more done before she was so mobile (and she wasn’t non-mobile for long). When she decides to play in her crib instead of sleep, I just keep her in there with the baby monitor on downstairs with me. I figure as long as she’s making happy sounds, I won’t go in and bother her playtime. We all need alone time, no matter what age, right? LOL

  2. Brooke, I would recommend reading “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Dr Weissbluth. It’ll hopefully help you get him back into regular napping! Every day I think, “Oh no, what if Emily or Nathalie doesn’t nap today?” I dread it because I know what it’s like when they don’t! Good luck!

    1. Michelle! Thank you for the tip! I actually have that book, and did read it after posting this! We readjusted the bedtime schedule to be 30 minutes earlier and it has made the world of difference in our lives. He still is on/off on naps, but somehow life changed dramatically with an earlier bedtime:) Thanks for the tip!

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