Holding Space


Everything in this world is made of energy, and just as a single tuning fork that is struck will cause adjacent tuning forks to also resonate at that same frequency, the same holds true for our experience of emotions in life. How many times have I encountered a sad or angry person and felt my own energy drop and begin to resonate at that same level? Or the times that I have been low and encountered the vibrant energy of someone who is happy and in a good space and I’ve felt my own energy rise to resonate higher? It is hard for those separate energies to co-exist in the same space… so who is going to change? One or the other inevitably will.

Understanding this concept has brought new perspective to the challenge of parenting. I have a child right now who is struggling with anger. His energy is so strong and forceful. I often times end up syncing to his energy and becoming defensive and angry myself. But understanding this concept is helping me realize the power that I have if I “HOLD THE SPACE” of light and love. If I can stay there, remain open, the other energy begins to change by natural law. The moments I have been able to do this have been miraculous and proven true. How do you ‘hold space’ for others? #reallifebalance

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  1. Beautifully stated concept. I’ve adopted a couple of children who come from very hard backgrounds. When their anger or resentment is triggered, it is so easy to respond negatively instead of realizing they need an adult that can do just what you are talking about and provide safety and comfort in response.

    1. Wow. Emily! Parenting is hard enough with biological children, but I can see how situations like yours certainly invites a high degree of “holding space”. How beautiful that you already understand that concept! your children are so blessed to have come to your home!

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