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I stumbled upon two interesting videos this week, though completely unrelated, I think they pair together quite nicely.

Dove released a new commercial this week that centers on women’s thoughts about themselves. As has come to be expected in their campaign for real beauty, they reveal the thought patterns that many women have about their physical appearance, only this commercial takes a startling turn when actresses are hired to say these thoughts aloud directed at another person. Thus, making the point that the things we say to ourselves we would never ever say to someone else. It’s absolutely crushing to the human spirit. Why do we do it to ourselves???

Contrast that, with this inspiring short interview with Hilary Weeks, who has just released her new kickstarter funded app, LIVE POSITIVE.

I found this interview during a particularly challenging morning…I was working on a craft project and had totally cut my expensive fabric incorrectly, thus causing me to have to completely alter the project. I was annoyed at myself, then snapped at my family, and it triggered a series of bad choices and most of all, bad thoughts about myself. In classic grumpiness, I sat down at the computer to find a solution to my craft project and instead found this interview. It made me want to immediately go out and get one of those little clickers!! I’m one that usually avoids phone apps of any kind in effort to reduce the temptation to live with distraction, but this one?? I was convinced it would be worth the risk. I bought it immediately and it changed the direction of my entire day… I’m hoping I can use this to direct my course everyday in a positive direction.

The power of the human mind is beyond comprehension. Even if we can give the tiniest bit of nourishment through thinking more positive about ourselves, our families, our work, our circumstances, it can make an epic difference.

What helps you think positive?

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