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On the off chance that someone out there has a Nikon D200, I’m selling my vertical grip.  This cool little device bulks up your camera and makes you look “so super professional”!  Kidding aside, this cool tool holds two batteries for your camera, allowing an extra long charge, and best of all, it allows you to have a shutter release button for all your vertical shots.  And another super awesome perk?  You can stick AA batteries in here to power your camera if you ever had an emergency.

My D200 is my backup camera right now and pretty much gets neglected most of the time.  Love the grip (and wish I had one for my D700) but don’t use that camera enough to hang on to it.

Condition:  Pristine.  Used for 8 months of 2008 only. Comes with box, manuals, jazzy official papers.

Retail:  $219

Used Price on Amazon: $139

My Sale Price: $95 plus shipping.

Email if you’re interested.

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