Cultured Chickens

How about a further peak at the chicken shoot?  Before I start, I must introduce our chickens…

All of our chickens and other animals for the shoot, reside at Appenzell Farm. A fantastic sustainable farm in Cache Valley that is not only absolutely beautiful, organic, completely natural, delectable, and super friendly… I grew up there!  Yep, Appenzell is run by my good ‘ol Mom, Dad, and bro.  I sort of have an “in” when it comes to animal props and neat locations!

For this shoot I knew that I needed a model who fit two crucial criteria:  #1.  She must play the violin.  For real.  #2.  She must not be afraid of animals.  In fact, she preferably needs to LOVE animals.

The great models I found happen to be my cute cousins!  Seriously, when I knew my criteria, they came immediately to mind as absolutely perfect.  Both these cute sisters play the violin, and they have a small farm themselves with chickens, horses, dogs, cats, bunnies, and I’m sure other lovely creatures.  These two were braver than me!  I may have grown up with animals, but my family will be the first to let you know that animals are not my favorite.  No sir.  I am strictly a no animal kind of girl.  Being inches away from cows and horses for pictures was less comfortable for me than it was for these two.

And for the record…

Let it be known that horses, cows, and chickens… do not follow posing directions whatsoever.  They’re much harder than small children!

Catch both ME and APPENZELL FARM tomorrow at the Logan Farmers Market!  Stop by either of our booths and say hi!

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She grew up on a dirt road on the outskirts of town where her neighbors consisted of wild life…which of course made walking to the bus stop an adventure. She has been chased to school by a herd of 114 Elk, a skunk, charged by a Moose, and they once had a wild mink sneak into the living room. Sometimes life for her can be too exciting. She currently enjoys living in her suburb hundred year old house in a quiet neighborhood where so far the only “wild life” is the neighbors pigme goats that keep escaping.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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