Meal Time: {Family Life Project 52}

I almost didn’t join in this week.  The theme was the very bane of my existence.

Meal Time.

I love food with a serious passion. And if someone else prepares it all the better.

But the worst time of day for me–every single day–is 5:00 p.m.

I’m tired. Hungry. Irritable. And fixing dinner is the very last thing I want to do.  And I’m sort of a food snob, so if we do eat, there is a high standard it has to pass.

Our family changed to an all natural diet two years ago and its made an incredible difference in our life–BUT, it also means that everything we cook is from scratch.  Which means more work. It also means happier healthier bodies, but sometimes that’s hard to remember when you have a kid you’re trying to keep from climbing the stove, your husband is working late, and cooking means at least 30-60 minutes of juggling and hoping for a miracle.

My resolution for 2012 is to do better at menu planning and making this a happier time of day like it should be. Maybe this can help.

Photo Specs: Nikon D7000, Fisheye lens, ISO 3200, f7, 1/250 on timer. The camera is in the fridge.

Check out Rhonda’s image this week HERE.  (Remember I mixed last week up so we’re off from each other once more this week!).

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Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah.  Someday she’s going to be able to say that she is a rockin awesome gourmet cook who dances around the kitchen singing happy tunes while baking and cooking in such an admirable fashion.  People will even ask her for recipes, and secretly hope that they get invited over for meals.  Until then, she’s a wannabe chef who is hoping her pot of creativity and ambition will boil over at any moment!

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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8 Responses

  1. oooh that is a cool shot!!!!! We eat mostly from scratch too – but that’s how my mom cooks so it’s just how I cook too (you’d be surprised how many people make fun of me for it!) A menu plan helps all the way!

  2. i am the SAME way about dinner. the hardest part of the day for me. but that is a great article on the creative mama! i’m going to have to implement something like that.

  3. Meal planning definetly helps … but it doesn’t do anything about the CARAZY children in my teeny kitchen when I’m trying to cook dinner and hubby won’t be home until late. I go through cycles where I love it and I’m trying all sorts of new and amazing recipes .. and then other times (like now!) where I curse cooking and stare at my planner for 30 minutes just trying to figure out what I’ll make for the new week. I almost wonder if there is such things as healthy and FAST meals sometimes. It’s always a bummer for me to spend 45 minutes prepping, chopping and cooking soup from scratch only to have it downed in 5 minutes flat 😉

  4. Love your family life posts, Brooke.

    Quick question for you: I see that you used a D7000 for this picture. I have, and love this camera. I believe you also have a full-frame camera, right? How do you feel this compares to the D700? I have heard varying things on how much “better” the D700 is than the D7000 and would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Hi Sara! Yes, I have the d700 and the d7000. How do they compare? The D7000 has video, and the 700 does not, which is the main reason I bought it. I use video A LOT in my classes. I also wanted a back up camera/family personal use camera and the 7000 was a great choice for that because of the price. I also love the d7000 for self portraits because I can set it on timer and it will take up to 9 continuous shots spaced a few seconds a part (which is what I used for the fridge picture since it would have been a pain otherwise and I didn’t want to use the remote. The d700 doesn’t have the cool timer feature. The d7000 also has great high ISO noise control. Which I need and use all the time and think its totally worth spending more money for that feature.

      Overall, the d700 is still a better camera. I love having a full frame sensor option to make the most of my wider lenses, and the d700 does even better on high ISO. The white balance is much better on the d700. It feels more professional in your hands. If I could add in video and cool timer options it would be perfect.

      But to be downright serious, its hard to really tell much of a difference in the quality of the images (unless of course you’re dealing with images over ISO 2500. But on regular shooting conditions, I really can’t tell much of a difference at all (likely too because I use the same lenses.)

      Hope that helps! If I were on a budget I’d just go for the d7000 and be perfectly happy.

  5. Love that you put the camera in the fridge!
    5pm is the worse time in my house too. I need to become better at meal planning too! I feel like we eat the same things over and over!!

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