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1.  INSPIRATION. This Post by Kelly Parkinson can seem a little cryptic at first. I encourage you to read it from start to finish and see if you don’t find yourself identifying with some part of the story.  Kelly captures the fast paced information overload world that we exist in daily, in an imaginative tale that left me with a sense of relief that I’m not the only one that doesn’t want to “fly around” with the other Astronaut Bunnies.

2.  AHA!  This quick but impactive post by Seth got an “Amen!” outloud when I read it. I have worked hard the last few weeks to completely restructure my effectiveness and the number one thing that has made a drastic difference has been what I choose to work on first thing in the morning.  I’ll give you a hint. Its not email.

3.  COMPOSITION: 5 Ways Backgrounds Make Or Break Photos.  Excellent visual examples on the tiny things to keep your eye out for when shooting that make a world of a difference!

4.  PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR LIFE:  This was a lovely post on the importance of photographing your life NOT just everyone else’s!  I say it all the time in my classes, but here it is on record online: “The most important people you will ever photograph will be your own family. It will be Your life.”  Most Pro photographers get into the business because they love photographing their own lives, and unfortunately start doing so much for everyone else that their own family isn’t photographed any longer. Don’t forget the balance!

5.  FINDING AUTHENTIC EMOTION:  I love any post that talks about authentic emotion! I loved Erin‘s illustration of the baggage that subjects bring into a session with the chaos of daily life and how it is the photographers responsibility to help them drop the baggage so the real human spirit and love and come forth.  What a great discussion to have at the beginning of a session!

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