Fabulous Workshop Opportunity

Have an external flash?  Want to be able learn to use it better?  How about using it to create some awesome lighting effects or add some drama to your scene?  I can’t recommend high enough the Rock that Off Camera Flash Workshop for learning all those tricks!

Ali Hohn is an amazing photographer based out of Minnesota.  She not only uses her off camera lighting skills to create some stunning images, she is a great teacher, and a stellar person.  You’ll fall in love with her the moment you meet her!

I had the priviledge of attending the Rock that OCF workshop last summer and loved the experience.  I came away with a whole new group of photographer friends and a CONFIDENT knowledge of how to use off camera flash to do anything I wanted.

Ali is coming one last time to Salt Lake City June 17th and 18th.  If you’ve been wanting to learn these things, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS OPPORTUNITY.

Perks of the workshop:

-You don’t have to have your own equipment.  Ali provides it for you.  Fabulous way to learn what its all about first, see if you like it, and then buy the equipment later…or finally learn how to use what you already have 🙂

-You get to shoot some fabulous models.  Great for portfolio building.

-Hands on learning.  LOVE THIS.  Ali doesn’t teach a bunch of confusing techno jargon and confusing math equations to figure out the right lighting… you learn by doing.  Over and over and over 🙂  Best way to learn.  The workshop is all about the hands on practice to make it “make sense” for you.

-Make some awesome friends!

-Fabulous price 🙂

Go for it!  Spots are only open this week only!

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