Lots of people ask me if I teach editing classes. I am the first to admit that I am SO far from knowing much at all about photoshop ( I use it often but my skills are quite limited). You’ll hear me say it a million times, but I strongly believe in taking awesome photos in camera so there isn’t much need for editing later. Most of my “edited” images are just fast basic enhancements in Lightroom.

However, on the topic of editing, I found some fabulous articles that are worth a look!

1. How to Avoid 25 Common Editing Mistakes
2.Warning: 10 Deadly Post Processing Sins

I remember when I first started digital photography that I was completely enamored by the ability to “manipulate” a picture in an editing program.  So much so, that I often committed all the “mistakes” and “sins” that these articles point out (and sometimes we don’t even know its a mistake until someone points it out…)

I’m completely guilty of nearly all of them!  But I think I’ve finally settled down a bit to prefer a more timeless look that isn’t going to mocked in blog articles like these in the future… hopefully!

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