Exploration [Family Life Project 52]

This weeks Family Life Project was sort of a freebie with no theme. I took Buzzy to my parents, but no one was home! So we took their dog, Quincy, for a walk to get the newspaper.

Lest anyone think I’m a careless mother who just lets my child scale fences…well, hmmm. Let’s just say I have a future Olympian on my hands with not only incredible agility and balance, but a fiercely independent spirit who will do it anyway. Might as well support his talent.

Heaven forbid we should stay clean on a walk! It’s always best to roll around in the dirt before you’re done πŸ™‚

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Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She grew up on a dirt road outside town that was frequented by wild animals. Imagine having to walk to the bottom of the road to catch the school bus in the dark and being followed by skunks, moose, and herds of Elk! Β It’s amazing she’s still alive to today.

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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