Ep 135 Tiny Tip: Forgive Yourself, Come Back, and Begin Again

These tiny tips are designed to give you one small thing you can do to be a better creator in your life. Each tip is inspired by the Law of Creation. Creation includes what we see, say, feel, and do, which leads to who we become. If you want a deep dive into the law of creation, check out my free law of creation course on my app, Co Create by Brooke Snow, found in the apple and google app stores or visit brookesnow.com/app.

One of my favorite tips for creation is also one of the first principles I teach people in meditation. The principle of forgiveness.

When you begin a meditation practice one thing is sure to happen. Your mind is going to drift. It just will. My mind still drifts after meditating everyday for over seven years!

So what do you do when this happens?

You forgive yourself, come back and begin.
No need to shame yourself, or beat yourself up.
You quickly forgive yourself, come back, and begin again.

Honestly, I have to practice this principle several times in a single meditation. It’s amazing practice, not just for meditation, but for life!

Think of it! What could developing the habit of fast forgiveness, coming back, and beginning again do for the rest of your daily life?

What if I’m having a conversation with my husband and I’m supposed to be listening to him, but my mind drifts and I start thinking of other things? I quickly forgive myself, come back, and begin again.

What if I slip up on a habit I’m trying to start? I quickly forgive myself, come back, and begin again.

What if I have a moment I’m reactive and say something I shouldn’t or lose my temper? I quickly forgive myself, come back, and begin again.

There are dozens if not hundreds of moments throughout the day that I need to quickly forgive myself, come back, and begin again. Whether it’s simply a matter of being present, or a matter of finding alignment again. Gloriously, this process is gentle, quick, and instantly gets us back on track to progress again.

So much of what stands in the way of me being a creator in my life are the moments I hold myself back. If I sulk, close off, or go into a personal penance thinking I need to really suffer for my sins and weakness, I may think I’m helping but I’m fooling myself. I’m just holding myself hostage by staying stuck and I go no where. I suffer and so does everyone around me.

It may feel weird at first to quickly forgive yourself. Like, it couldn’t be that easy right? Actually, it is. And amazing things happen when you can let it go and forgive yourself. Come back into alignment and begin again.

Beautifully, the better and faster you get at forgiving yourself, the better and faster you get at doing the same for others. It’s a practice of grace which is the source of your creation power.

Forgive yourself, come back, and begin again.
Forgive yourself, come back, and begin again.
Forgive yourself, come back, and begin again.

See it.
Say it.
Feel it.
Do it.
Become it.

You are a creator, now go Co Create something great.

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