Ep 136 Tiny Tip: You Don’t Have to Fix This

These tiny tips are designed to give you one small thing you can do to be a better creator in your life. Each tip is inspired by the Law of Creation. Creation includes what we see, say, feel, and do, which leads to who we become. If you want a deep dive into the law of creation, check out my free law of creation course on my app, Co Create by Brooke Snow, found in the apple and google app stores or visit brookesnow.com/app.

I had a hard day recently. The kind of hard day where all I want to do is cry and go to bed and have it all be better in the morning.

When I was growing up and would fall into an emotional slump, my dad would tolerate a few minutes of whining before he would throw his hands in the air and declare, “Find a solution!”

There’s certainly something to be said about the skill of being proactive. This mantra to find a solution has been imbedded into the very cells of my body. I’ve learned to look for solutions to problems instead of wallowing in them. I have spent the better part of twenty years looking for solutions. My bookshelves are filled with hundreds of books promising solutions to practically every problem I’ve encountered. I’ve taken online courses in everything from how to do my laundry better to how to be a psychic. I’m not joking. Both those classes were awesome by the way.

At this point I’m basically conditioned to strategize how to fix anything at the first sign of something going wrong. And unfortunately, I have a lifetime of feeling low emotions and judging them as signs that something has gone wrong and needs to be fixed.

Am I feeling sad, embarrassed, frustrated, heartbroken? Something must be wrong and this needs to be fixed.

In The Creation Course, we learn the value of having supportive daily habits that help us to live in our true self. Those holistic habits support the body, mind, and spirit and include what we eat, moving our bodies, getting good sleep, breathing deep, being present, being grateful, to name just a few. If we have a consistent daily protocol that covers those fundamental needs it serves to raise our baseline. Your highs will be higher and your lows will be higher. I’ve come to be so grateful for those daily habits to help build resilience and support through life’s inevitable ups and downs. Typically, if I feel low, I do a quick run through of those fundamentals to see if I’m missing something that could be causing me to feel low. How did I sleep? Have I moved my body? What have I been eating? Am I too plugged in or distracted? How’s my breathing?

And yet, even if I’m doing all the supportive habits, sometimes I still feel low.
Even if I’m meditating everyday, sometimes I still feel angry.
Even if I have countless blessings in my life, sometimes I still feel sad.
Even if I’m working on loving and accepting myself, sometimes I still feel shame.
Even if I’m working on forgiving others, sometimes I still feel hurt and betrayed.

And when I feel any of those feelings, my pattern is to think, “How can I fix this?” “Find the solution.”

My dear friend and personal coach, Kristi, has recently started saying the opposite to me.

“You don’t have to fix this.”

In fact, she too had a low day recently and as I asked her how she was navigating it she simply said, “I’m telling myself I don’t have to fix this. Just let yourself be low.”

This mindset sounds so foreign to my approach to life. What? There’s nothing to fix? You mean, I could actually accept that it’s okay to feel this way and just ride it out?


Yes. Totally weird. And as I’m trying this out for myself, I’m learning that it’s also totally transformative.

Telling myself, “You don’t have to fix this” has a remarkable way of relieving a lot of pressure. It takes the charge down from whatever I’m feeling. I notice that allowing myself to just feel what I feel without trying to fix it helps the emotional wave be shorter.

Am I feeling sad? You don’t have to fix this.
Am I feeling fear? You don’t have to fix this.
Am I feeling misunderstood by my entire family? You don’t have to fix this.
Am I feeling like I don’t belong anywhere? You don’t have to fix this.

Life is meant to give us experience with an entire spectrum of thoughts and emotions. While there will always be a place for finding a solution and being proactive, there’s also a place for just letting yourself be and allowing yourself to pass through the discomfort without judging it. Sometimes, that is ironically the solution.

Just the other day a remarkable thing happened. A family member had a challenging emotional moment. And the first thought that came into my mind was, “you don’t have to fix this.”

Doing this for myself, has started to transfer over into giving others the same grace. I realize how often I respond to the challenges of others as triggers that something needs to be fixed inside them. It was a liberating moment for me to sit back and let things be. I don’t have to fix this. This too shall pass. Just hold space.

You don’t have to fix this.
You don’t have to fix this.
You don’t have to fix this.
You don’t have to fix this.
You don’t have to fix this.

Try it out. See if it helps you too.

See it.
Say it.
Feel it.
Do it.
Become it.
You are a creator, now go Co Create something great.

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