Ep. 91 The Small Moment

Have you ever felt trapped in anxiety or fear? Have you ever struggled through a trial and wished it would just go away? In the D&C we are given a promise by the Lord that “Thine afflictions shall be but a small moment, and if thou endure it well, God will exact thee on high.” (D&C 121)

When you’re struggling with fear, worry, or anxiety, or any big life trial for that matter, it often doesn’t feel like it’s a small moment. It feels like its a BIG moment. And a LONG moment.  God promises the moments can be small, but we have to play a part in making that happen. Let’s learn how. `

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  1. Hi Brooke! I learn so much from each of your podcasts. Thank you. Each episode has so much helpful information- I usually listen to them more than once so that these teachings can sink into my mind. I listened to this episode, #91, yesterday. I had no idea that I would need to apply what you taught that night! I was told something last night and all I could do was sit there with the news. It seemed fine at first, but as I thought, it festered. Then I remembered this podcast! I went to a quiet place and practiced being present. It brought peace. I am so grateful. I do have one question. You may have mentioned it in the podcast, but I’ve only listened to it once, so I may have missed this. If I am staying in the present moment and not focusing on past or future, this helps calm my struggles, but it doesn’t solve a problem. If a problem keeps occurring and will most likely continue because everyone is leery to face it (stand up to the bully, you might say), it doesn’t end. What about Moroni preparing the cities- building fortresses? It seems like your approach will bring comfort, but how does it bring solution or overcoming?

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