Ep. 74 The Part You Play

Have you ever struggled with comparison? Have you ever doubted what you personally have to offer to the world? In today’s episode I’m sharing my own struggle with comparison, and why it led me to leave social media for two years. This past week, I made the big decision to return. But such a move was only possible once I understood a very important paradigm that keeps me focused on the part I play.


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Finding Your Purpose: This episode leads you through some great concepts to discover your personal life purpose.

Beware of Pride by Ezra Taft Benson

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Race Car Pit Crew on YouTube

2 Responses

  1. Your podcast, “The Part You Play”, was an answer to years of prayer. I have been struggling, really wrestling with my heart and feelings of envy and inadequacy. Every word of this podcast spoke to my heart and I knew it was God answering my prayers. I have begged and pleaded for a change of heart for so long, but knew I needed to do my part to change it. As hard as I tried, as many times as I fasted and prayed, had Priesthood blessings and yearned for this mighty change, nothing happened. Until tonight when I listened to your podcast. I am so grateful for your inspired words. You are indeed the person who washes the windshield! I can see more clearly now that while my role is the same as this other person who I love and admire, I have a unique part to play. We can both have the same purpose, but we give what is uniquely ours to give and our special gifts and talents bless others in different ways. Thank you for the beautiful way you share your thoughts. What a magnificent purpose you are fulfilling. The part YOU – Brooke Snow, play is blessing countless lives! I’m so grateful mine is one of those.
    Is it possible to get transcripts of your podcasts? I would love to read them because that will help me to better internalize the beautiful insights and concepts that have resonated with me. Thank you again!!! Leslie

    1. Leslie! Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for your amazing comment and for taking the time to share your story with me! I’m thrilled to know that this message helped you and that you are feeling more trust and confidence in the amazing role of the part you play! Hooray!!!!! This perspective is a powerful shift for helping you move forward to doing your own great work in the world. Excited for you!

      As for transcripts, we are currently working on making that available! Stay tuned! It’s in the works and coming very soon!

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