Ep. 55 There’s Always Just One Thing To Do

Do you ever feel overwhelmed from your lists? You know… the to-do list, or even that figurative list of “all the things I should or could be doing to improve my life or be more righteous??? yeah that list. How long is it? How far have you gotten on that list? If you’re anything like me or anyone else I know, those lists are nearly always on our minds, and often the source of misery or overwhelm or even procrastination. They start out with good intention and can quickly be the reason we get discouraged or even get stuck. Today’s episode we’re going to learn the truth about how there’s always just one thing to do. Truly. There is. Do you feel better already!? ha ha! Excited to get into this encouraging topic!


Living In Your True Identity by Brooke Snow. My Book! Available on Amazon!

The Law of Creation. Go deeper into the concepts I explain in my book with this free course.

Christian Meditation 40 Day Challenge: Join the challenge today and you get a friend to join you for free! Both of you will change your life :)

Ep. 34 Why You Need a Team (Episode featured in today’s review of the week)

Communicating For A Change By Andy Stanley and Lane Jones

Loving What Is by Byron Katie

The Now Habit: A Strategic Program For Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play by Niel Fiore

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