Ep. 54 Afterward: Who Builds Your Identity?

Welcome to Season 2 of the Brooke Snow podcast. This season is breaking from tradition in an exciting way. After some lovely negotiation, I received permission from my publisher to publish the audio of my book, “Living In Your True Identity: Discover, embrace, and Develop your own divine nature” as podcast episodes. Right now this is a tentative experiment and these episodes may not always be here, so I encourage you to listen while you can!

Today you have the Afterward: Who Builds Your Identity?


Living In Your True Identity by Brooke Snow. My Book! Available on Amazon!

The Law of Creation. Go deeper into the concepts I explain in my book with this free course.

Christian Meditation 40 Day Challenge: Join the challenge today and you get a friend to join you for free! Both of you will change your life 🙂

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  1. Thank you for the reading of your book. I first owned it in kindle, then I had to get a hard copy for my study. Now I can listen in the car or when doing chores. This is life changing. Thank you!

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