Ep. 37 Your Body Comes First

Have you ever felt like it was selfish to take time to yourself? What about pursuing your own interests? Todays’ podcast is actually a response to an email I got from one listener.

She asks, “What is selfishness? What does it mean to be unselfish? One definition suggested that selfishness is the act of doing what one desires AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS. How is it possible to be completely unselfish and accomplish anything at all?”

So… dear friends. is self-care selfish? Is pursuing your purpose selfish? My answer may totally surprise you. Listen in…


Living In Your True Identity by Brooke Snow. If you love my podcast you’ll love my book! Available on Amazon!

Interview with Neale Donald Walsch: Listen in at minute 36:48 for his take on being Self-Centered. Fantastic interview worth listening to all the way through.

The Law of Creation. My amazing free course 🙂 Take it! You’ll love it!

40 Amazing Days Meditation Course: Updated version of the 40 Day Christian Meditation Challenge – available on the Co Create app! The Co Create App gives you access to over 100+ Guided Meditations, new Yoga Classes and Inspirational Audio Courses to support you in living into your true identity as the creator of your life. Find all the details at brookesnow.com/app

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