Ep. 36 Being Self-Centered

Have you ever felt like it was selfish to take time to yourself? What about pursuing your own interests? Todays’ podcast is actually a response to an email I got from one listener.

She asks, “What is selfishness? What does it mean to be unselfish? One definition suggested that selfishness is the act of doing what one desires AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS. How is it possible to be completely unselfish and accomplish anything at all?”

So… dear friends. is self-care selfish? Is pursuing your purpose selfish? My answer may totally surprise you. Listen in…


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Ep. 14 What Is True Self Care?: I share my story of my mental breakdown that led me to commit to daily self-care.

Interview with Neale Donald Walsch: Listen in at minute 36:48 for his take on being Self-Centered. Fantastic interview worth listening to all the way through.

The Law of Creation. My amazing free course :) Take it! You’ll love it!

Christian Meditation 40 Day Challenge: Join the challenge today and you get a friend to join you for free! Both of you will change your life :)

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