Ep. 24 Holding Space

Have you ever experienced the roller coaster of emotions? Either your own or someone else’s?

As humans, we can experience a full spectrum of emotion, from the depths of despair to the highs of joy. If we’re not intentional, we can swing our emotions whichever way the environment pulls.

Today’s podcast is all about holding space. More specifically, the power we have to choose the emotion we want to have and to hold onto it despite the emotional pull of the environment or people around us. This is a great skill to help you be a support to other people, as well as support to yourself when you encounter negative emotion around you.


The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson. Fantastic book that explains the science of emotions and how they get trapped inside our body, and most importantly how to release them so we can heal our life.

Living In Your True Identity by Brooke Snow. My book! If you love the podcast, you’ll love my book!

Christian Meditation 40 Day Challenge: Ready to hone your skill to hold space and expand your experience of prayer? Register today and get a free buddy pass to invite a friend to join you in the class for free!

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