Ep 131 Tiny Tip: How to Magnify a Floor Effort


These tiny tips are designed to give you one small thing you can do to be a better creator in your life. Each tip is inspired by the Law of Creation. Creation includes what we see, say, feel, and do, which leads to who we become. If you want a deep dive into the law of creation, check out my free law of creation course on my app, Co Create by Brooke Snow, found in the apple and google app stores or visit brookesnow.com/app.

Teaching the principle of floors and ceilings is one of the most powerful concepts I teach. A floor is a tiny version of a habit and a ceiling is your big perfect ideal. If you’re willing to aim for the consistency of at least doing your floor version of a habit, it’s a proven way to build up the habit but also allow yourself flexibility when life doesn’t allow for the ideal.

On one hand I have watched floors change people’s lives, and on the other hand I have watched people seriously doubt those tiny efforts are worth doing at all.

I’ll never forget a question asked by a certifying coach at The Creation Coach School a few years ago.  She said, “What if doing the floors feel like you’re not doing anything?”

Valid question. And I totally get it. No wonder people doubt it’s power. I think the key word in her question is “FEEL”.

What if doing your floors FEELS like you’re not doing anything?

And thus my friends, may I share with you the magical key that makes all the difference in the world? Do you want to know how to magnify those floors? Do you want to know how you really can make those floors FEEL like you’re actually doing something?

It’s all about PRESENCE.

Bring your full presence to the task.

Is your floor for reading scripture to read one verse? Awesome. Watch what happens when you bring your full presence to that single verse.

Is your floor for meditation to take three deep breaths? Awesome. Watch what happens when you bring your full presence to those three breaths.

Is your floor for going on a walk to walk to a landmark one minute away? Awesome. Watch what happens when you bring your full presence to that minute of walking.

Presence is the magnifier. Presence opens you to feeling like something is being created inside of you.

I could read a whole chapter of scripture and get nothing out of it, if I’m just going through the motions.

I could meditate for ten minutes and get nothing out of it, if I’m distracted and just checking it off my to do list.

I could walk a full mile and come back still stressed and anxious about everything if I was in my head the whole time or feeling like I “should” be doing any other number of things.

Presence turns any task, no matter the size, no matter if its small or big, into something you can FEEL is actually making a difference.

The more presence you bring, the more your effort is magnified. Try it. See if you notice a difference.

See it.
Say it.
Feel it.
Do it.
Become it.

You are a creator, no go co-create something great.

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