Ep 120 Tiny Tip: In Principles Have Clarity, In Practices, Have Charity



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You’re listening to the Brooke Snow Podcast! Conversations to help you live in your true identity as the creator of your life. I’m your host, Brooke Snow. You have Ep. 120 Tiny Tip: In Principles Have Clarity, In Practices Have Charity

These tiny tip are designed to give you one small thing you can do to be a better creator in your life. Each tip is inspired by the Law of Creation. Creation includes what we see, say, feel, and do, which leads to who we become. If you want a deep dive into the law of creation, check out my free course at brookesnow.com.

The doing part of creation is where most people focus, and even though this seems like the obvious part of creation, it often ends up to be the most frustrating.

Have you ever scrolled social media only to tell yourself you should be doing something differently than you are? Have you ever continued doing something over and over again that isn’t working while expecting different results?

In this episode I want to share with you my most often used quote in The Creation Coach School. It comes from Chieko Okasaki. She says,

In principles have clarity
In practices have charity.

I’ll say it again.

In principles have clarity
In practices have charity.

We humans so easily get trapped in the mindset that there is only one way to do something. Yet what I love about who Chieko is saying, is that we need to be clear on what the principle is, and then have lots and lots of charity for how that principle is practiced. This means that there is always more than one way to do something.

If you’ve ever gone to church and become discouraged by the lessons or talks, it’s likely that this message wasn’t followed. We like to teach principles and also dictate the right way or only way to practice those principles. We also like to judge people who practice principles differently than we do. This is why it’s so important to have charity in the practice.

In principles have clarity
In practices have charity.

Years ago I was invited to give a presentation to a group of people on the topic of fitness. My #1 tip was to do the kind of movement that brought you joy. This means you will like it and want to do it.

Ironically, my presentation was hijacked by an older gentleman in the audience. He told everyone he had studied the principle of fitness for years and had come to the conclusion that the best way to exercise was to run. His reasons were that running shoes were a low cost investment and you can run outside in your neighborhood. You don’t have to pay for a gym membership, you don’t have to buy other expensive equipment, you can do it wherever you are, even if you’re traveling. It gives a good cardio workout and is easy to do. He had run five miles every morning for years and is in tip top shape. Easy peasy. Just take up running everyone.

It was amazing to watch the energy in the room totally deflate. The principle is to move your body, but there was no charity in the practice. It needed to look one way. I know for me, if my only option was to go running every morning I would avoid exercise altogether. But oh my goodness, if I could hike, or bike, or do yoga then I’m going to be much more excited and most importantly, committed and consistent in living that principle.

We are all unique individuals who have different preferences, strengths, limitations, motivations and seasons of life. The more charity we can have for ourselves and each other in finding our unique way of practicing a principle the better.

There’s more than way. And better yet, there’s a perfect way for YOU to practice a principle that will feel more exciting, easier, and supportive. It may not look like the way everyone else seems to be doing it, but it’s exactly what you need.

If you find yourself struggling with any principles, my invitation is to brainstorm some different practices. It can look different than the obvious or even the mainstream. Find the way that works for you. There’s always more than one way.

In principles have clarity
In practices have charity

See it.
Say it.
Feel it.
Do it.
Become it.

You are a creator, now go create something great.

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