Dropping Perfectionism


Yesterday I was determined to have the ‘perfect’ day.

I got up at 5:30 a.m., climbed a mountain, meditated, worked, cleaned the house, did four loads of laundry, weeded my yard, made a meal plan, played with my children, sewed a quilt, and made a beautiful meal for dinner.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day I was so darn cranky from all the work of checking of my perfect to-do list that I yelled at my children, and spent dinner with my head in my hands trying to block out my entire family. I had had the perfect day on paper, but was far from it in heart. And worse yet, just as Brene mentions above, I desperately craved some praise and approval. I wanted everyone in my family to know how much I had done for them and how hard I had worked. I went to bed feeling like a failure, despite the impressive list of accomplishments, because the most important thing of all I had totally overlooked: loving others and being happy. No one is going to remember what I got done yesterday. But people will remember how they felt being around me. Thankfully today is a new day and open for a re-do. I still believe in getting stuff done, but today I’m dropping the quest for perfection. #reallifebalance #droppingperfection #justdoyourbest

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